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Founded in October 2014, GAEA is a leading global interactive entertainment company. With offices in Beijing, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong, we have been committed to bringing together high-quality games and talented developers from different cultures.
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Our Story

It's never just a game or business. We are a group of passionate gamers made up of all age groups and multiple cultures with the same mission in mind. We have learned languages from playing games from all over the world and teamed up with those players as well. We aspire to deliver our joy and experiences to players both now and in the future.


GAEA partners with Behaviour Interactive to bring HBO's Game of Thrones to mobile.


Next-gen mobile MOBA Fight For Freedom 2 is released and recommended by app store in China.


GAEA attends China's the biggest game expo ChinaJoy, featuring world Go champion Ke Jie.


GAEA attends the biggest Chinese game expo ChinaJoy, featuring world Go champion Ke Jie.


GAEA’s subsidiary DW licenses its touch-based MOBA control system to NetEase.


GAEA signs strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Oriental Pearl.


Stormfront 1944 is released.


GAEA announces 2016 half-year financial results, with consolidated revenue up to 266 million RMB.


CD PROJEKT RED partners with GAEA to bring GWENT: The Witcher Card Game to China.


GAEA invests in H5 game company Modo7game.


GAEA partners with WIT STUDIO to develop Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress mobile game.


Xuanyuan Sword: Scar of Sky is released and rank No.1 paid app on China App Store.


GAEA partners with Softstar Entertainment Inc. to develop the first mobile game for the whole classic Legendary Sword series.


GAEA acquires Kabam's classic mobile games and third-party publishing business.


GAEA acquires two Chinese game developing studios. Ace of Arenas is released globally.


GAEA is listed on NEEQ stock market.


"가디언즈배틀" is launched in Korea.


Soul Clash is released in Japan. Ace of Arenas ranks No. 1 paid app in China App Store.


GAEA U.S. office opens in Silicon Valley.


GAEA becomes global publisher and operator of Ace of Arenas.


GAEA Japan office opens in Tokyo. Soul Clash launches in Korea.


GAEA Korean office opens in Seoul.


GAEA is founded in China.

Our LeadershipThe Management Team

  • Yann Wang Partner& CEO

  • An An Partner & President

  • Eric Li Partner & CFO

  • Glevis Yang Partner & COO

  • Kun Ding Partner & CPO of Research and Development

  • Wiki Jiao Partner & CTO

  • Bin Liu Partner & Secretary of the Board of Directors

  • Linda Yan Partner & VP of Business

  • Sun Jian Partner & VP of Marketing

  • Yann Wang

    Partner& CEO

    "Of all achievements in my career, I’m most proud of myself turning quite a few smokers into marathon runners in my team." As the founder and CEO of GAEA, Yann values teamwork, persistence, and competition. He is a runner and an outdoor sports fan, also a member of the Peking University basketball team. Before founding GAEA, Yann worked as the marketing director at Kalends Game and COO of Longtu Game. He holds a bachelor degree in Advertising from Peking University.

  • An An

    Partner & President

    Even in his late thirties, An would fly to Tokyo for a weekend just to catch a manga exhibition showcasing his childhood favorites. “I’ve been a big fan of animation, manga and video games for as long as I can remember, and I feel really lucky to be able to work with so many amazing content creators from all over the world. It has really inspired me to strive and make GAEA home for the best talents.” As president of GAEA, An oversees corporate development, human resource, and legal and administration matters currently. In his previous roles, An was a core member in the strategic planning team for the launch of Xbox One in Mainland China. When he was VP of business development, An encouraged cross-border and cross-culture collaborations. He has built the partnership with CD Projekt Red for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and foster GAEA animation studio to work with Japanese animation creators. An holds a bachelor’s degree from Peking University, China, a master’s degree from Waseda University, Japan, and an MBA from Tuck School of Business from Dartmouth College, United States.

  • Eric Li

    Partner & CFO

    "Before I became an accountant, I was a hard core gamer. As the CFO of Gaea Mobile, I was able to understand the daily operations by talking with the staffs who create and run our games from a gamer perspective. " Tao Li received his Bachelor’s degree from Fudan University, with years of experience in finance working at KPMG. He considers himself as a prudent accountant and a passionate gamer.

  • Glevis Yang

    Partner & COO

    “Our U.S. office is right next to the 49ers’ new stadium. We host e-Sports events in Korea. We have posters of our games in Bangkok’s subway stations. In Gaea, we speak and live global market daily.” A seasoned business traveler, Glevis rarely goes for more than a month without seeing an airport. His global journey started in North Carolina State University, where he got his MS degree in Electronic Engineering. He worked at Ebay and Supermicro in California, and was the VP at Lemongame HK limited before co-founding Gaea.

  • Kun Ding

    Partner & CPO of Research and Development

    “Creativity and originality are what we value the most. It is rare enough to be born with them, and even harder to keep them.” Leading Gaea’s game incubation business, Kun is constantly looking for producers just like himself – people who have a proven successful track record and an entrepreneurial spirit. After his graduation as a Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University, Kun dropped out of his master program and joined Perfect World Entertainment Inc. to start his journey in the gaming industry. He has participated in multiple successful productions of different genres, among which MMORPGs are his greatest field of expertise.

  • Wiki Jiao

    Partner & CTO

    “Technology is not that complicated at all. You can be on top of all trends by holding on to the cornerstones of computer science and utilizing your analytical skills.” Wiki has built his career around the most cutting-edge technologies. When studying at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, his master thesis was on speech recognition. He also had experience in the field of mobile GPS navigation and cloud computing before he found his passion for mobile games. He is now leading Gaea’s engineering and research team by putting his expertise on data mining and machine learning to daily use.

  • Bin Liu

    Partner & Secretary of the Board of Directors

    "This team is full of energy and creativity. I used to dress up in suits for work, but now I am enjoying this upbeat, casual working atmosphere. Gaming has now become something that interlocks my work and my personal life." As the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Bin Liu, with nearly twenty years of experience in the Chinese capital market, has successfully led the Gaea Mobile team into the Chinese New Third Board with just six month of time. Raising 800,000,000 RMB, Bin has laid solid financial foundation for Gaea Mobile's strategic plans as it continues to grow.

  • Linda Yan

    Partner & VP of Business

    “Work is truly a wonderful thing, especially the different variety of tasks that I come across. There are internal goals, challenges and feedback. Being able to immerse myself in my work also gives me a chance to improve my cognitive ability. The end result is being able to solve problems while having fun at the same time.” Linda earned a master’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Before joining Gaea, she garnered a lot of experience as a successful manager as well as setting up her first business. "In the second phase of my career, I chose to join Gaea. I look forward to working hard in this new industry and I have loved every minute of it so far.”

  • Sun Jian

    Partner & VP of Marketing

    “It has been said I’m a stubborn person, with a borderline obsessive love of my hobbies. Games just happens to be one of my biggest hobbies of all. Here at Gaea I’ve been able to take that passion for gaming and turn it into something productive. I feel blessed to be working in an industry I love.” Sun Jian graduated from Peking University with a Master’s degree in Journalism and Communications. In addition to his years of experience in marketing, Sun Jian enjoys writing and directing screenplays. He has collaborated with the National Theatre Company of China on numerous productions, taking to the stage over 800 times. “It’s no different from my work at Gaea; I make things that I love and I share them, hoping that what I do can make other people as happy as it makes me.”

GAEA – The Business of Fun

"Gaea aims to make great games within easy reach. For gamers, finding us means an access to ultimate game experiences."

One platform for a world of games

With our collaborative global teams, GAEA offers great games from various cultures, where you can start your game experiences in Japanese Kawaii style, hardcore RPG, Chinese martial arts fantasy, or western strategy games.

Innovative Game Experiences

GAEA aims to provide players a fresh experience in the newest content, storyline and gameplay in each of our products. We have shown this with the publishing of TCG Soul Clash, the pioneer MOBA Ace of Arenas, and our own anime Aotu. We refresh the old classics and aim to create future hits.

Interactive Lifestyle

Gaea makes it possible for you to team up with your friends whether they be from online or the real world through our products. Within our platforms and products, you can easily find friends that share the same passion with you no matter if it is in fandom, games, or Esports. You can meet others regardless of age or geographical location.

For Game Developers

We value game developers as core team members. We give a space for them to cultivate their talents as games are published. We also allow them to bring their games to a worldwide audience, maximizing the potential for games. Our operation teams ensure the best experience for the players and strive to make the game the best on the market.

  • Scout
  • Publish
  • Incubate
  • Create


With the goal of crafting an epic game, our team of experts with keen market insight and business experience have led the company to a rapid growth over the past two years. Now we're ready and capable to help talented developers all over the world share risk and achieve further market success.


Our goal is to be a world leading interactive entertainment brand with our developers. With our global distribution networks, we can help deliver your product to gamers around the world.

Multimedia Communication

With our multimedia communication outlets covering mass media, online advertisements and Esports tournaments, we can help great products target the right gamers.


We've continuously upgraded and looked for new innovation in internet technology. We apply the newest technological advances, data analysis, advances in the study of player behaviors, and general insights to continue to improve products.